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Driver License Designs

Nevada introduced several changes in the design of driver's licenses and identification cards in 2014.

The DMV began offering a Veteran designation to veterans with an honorable discharge on January 2, 2014. The state also began to issue Driver Authorization Cards to motorists who cannot meet the proof of identity standards for a driver's license.

Licenses and ID cards issued or renewed in 2014 or later may be valid for up to eight years.

On November 12, 2014, the DMV began issuing licenses and ID cards that comply with the federal Real ID Act of 2005.

In the fall of 2008, Nevada switched to a Central Issuance system. Licenses and ID cards are mailed to the motorist following all transactions including address changes and renewals.

Digitized Designs


November 12, 2014 to Present

Real ID Licenses Standard Licenses
Real ID Driver License Standard Nevada License
Limitd-Term Real ID License Limited Term Standard Nevada License

Minor Driver LicenseA Real ID driver's license or ID card has a gold circle with a star cut-out in the upper right-hand corner.

Standard licenses or ID cards have a heading stating “NOT FOR FEDERAL OFFICIAL USE."

Licenses and ID cards will be marked “LIMITED TERM" when immigration documents are used to prove identity. These expire at the same time as the holder's U.S. Visa.

Cards issued prior to November 12, 2014 remain valid until they expire or are otherwise replaced. However, they do not contain the gold circle or the statements on federal use or limited term.

Licenses issued to residents under 21 years of age have a vertical format.

News Release - 11/12/14

Central Issuance Driver License


January 2, 2014 to Present


News Release - 12/30/14


Central Issuance Driver License Adult License Back


May 4, 2010 to November 11, 2014

The current design of all cards except those issued to minors.

Commercial licenses, ID cards, etc., are designated as such in the banner that shows "DRIVER LICENSE" in this example.

The back of the license includes a barcode, information on endorsements and restrictions and security enhancements.


Minor Driver License


May 4, 2010 to November 11, 2014

Cards issued to those under 21 years of age use a vertical format.

If the holder is under 18 at issuance, the card will feature a red banner with the words "Under 18 Until" followed by the date the cardholder will turn 18.

Cards issued at ages 18-20 are in the vertical format but do not include the red banner.

Adult License (Real ID Materially Compliant)


January to April, 2010

Nevada licenses and ID cards issued under the Advanced Secure Issuance (ASI) Real ID process had a Gold Star in the upper right hand corner.

These cards were issued beginning at the Carson City office Monday, January 11, 2010 with a rollout proceeding to all offices statewide through March 12. The ASI program terminated April 30, 2010.

These cards were replaced with standard Nevada licenses or IDs as they expired or were otherwise replaced.

Central Issuance Driver License


2008 to 2010

The first Nevada license under Central Issuance was issued at the Carson City office on October 10, 2008. The statewide rollout was completed on January 13, 2009.

Central Issuance News Releases

Minor Driver License


2008 to 2010

Licenses issued to drivers under 18 have a red banner indicating their 18th birthday.

Licenses issued to drivers 18 - 20 are in the vertical format but do not have a red banner.

Minor licenses issued in early 2010 followed the ASI rules listed above and may or may not have a gold star.

Adult License 2002-2009 Adult License Back 2002-2009


2002 to 2009

Digitized driver licenses and identification cards in the original style were issued from May, 2002, through January, 2009.

Digitized License News Releases


Under 21 License 2002-2009


2002 to 2009

Under 21 cards displayed a vertical format and the words "Under 21 Until" followed by the date the cardholder would turn 21 in a yellow bar.

Film-Based Designs
Adult Film-Based License


Film-based licenses and ID cards were issued to all Nevadans prior to 2002.

Travel teams in remote areas continued to issue film licenses through 2006.

18 to 21 Film-Based License


No Alcohol

The license issued to drivers between 18 and 21 had a yellow header bar across the top with the words "MINOR DRIVER UNDER 21" in red print.

Under 18 Film-Based License


No Alcohol / No Tobacco

The license issued to young people under 18 has a light blue header bar across the top of the license with the words "MINOR DRIVER UNDER 18" printed in yellow in the upper right corner.

Nevada began issuing the Under 21 licenses pictured here in April, 1998. Under 21 licenses issued prior to that date were identical to the adult license.