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Hazardous Materials Endorsements

Truck with Hazmat Placard

Any Hazmat truck driver who has a disqualifying offense that prohibits holding a Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME) must immediately surrender the HME to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. A driver may then reapply for a HME, or submit a request for a waiver.

Background Check Requirements

Federal laws enforced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) require commercial drivers who haul hazardous materials to undergo a fingerprint-based Security Threat Assessment.

All persons who apply for, or renew, a hazardous materials endorsement must be fingerprinted, pass the required background check and present proof of residency prior to receiving the endorsement. This is in addition to all other DMV testing and CDL requirements.

You must hold a Commercial Drivers License or Instruction Permit prior to fingerprinting. If you do not currently hold any CDL or permit, you must apply and pass the appropriate basic CDL knowledge tests at the DMV first. See Commercial Driver License. You may not take the Hazardous Materials knowledge test until after you have been approved by the TSA. 

To hold a Hazardous Materials endorsement, a driver must be age 21 or older, a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident; cannot have a disqualifying criminal offense; cannot be adjudicated as mentally incompetent or involuntarily committed to a mental institution; and must not pose a threat of terrorism or a threat to national or transportation security.

If you meet these requirements, the approval for a Hazmat Endorsement is a four-step process:

Out-of-State Transfers

If you completed the background check in your prior state, please bring your TSA approval letter to transfer the endorsement.

TSA Application

You must complete the Application for a Hazardous Materials Endorsement by Internet or telephone.

Credit cards and electronic checks are accepted for payment. The applicant or the applicant's employer is responsible for payment of the background check fees.

Where to Apply Fees
Telephone: (877) 429-7746
Fingerprint Collection Fee $38.00
Threat Assessment Fee $34.00
FBI Fee $14.50
Total Fees $86.50

TSA does not accept paper applications. You must apply by Internet or telephone. Those who cannot pay by credit card or electronic check may submit payment to the fingerprinting agent. Payment must be in the form of a money order payable to Integrated Biometric Technology, LLC.


You must complete the Transportation Security Administration application and hold a commercial driver license or instruction permit before visiting a Fingerprinting Agent.

At the time of fingerprinting, you must present one form of primary identification or two forms of secondary identification, one of which must be your CDL or instruction permit. A list of the primary and secondary documents can be found at TSA Frequently Asked Questions or on the print friendly list.


Fingerprints must be taken and submitted through the TSA's Authorized Fingerprinting Agent, Integrated Biometric Technology. Fingerprints taken by law enforcement or through a private vendor will not be accepted.

Visit the TSA Enrollment Center Locator for locations. If you are traveling through other states, you may go to any authorized TSA agent for fingerprinting.

The TSA is transitioning to Universal Enrollment Services (UES) and locations may change. As UES enrollment centers start providing services for HTAP, TWIC, and TSA Pre✓™, applicants will be able to apply for multiple programs.

Waiting for Your Results

Once printed, wait for notification from the Transportation Security Administration before visiting the DMV. We will not administer the Hazardous Materials knowledge test or issue the endorsement unless an “Approved” status is received from TSA. There is no grace period.

Results should be received from the TSA via U.S. mail within 30 days of being fingerprinted. Please do not contact the DMV if you do not receive your results.

To check your status, call TSA at 877-429-7746. Drivers may check whether their application has been received and/or processed. Information will be given to the applicant only and will not include any information on the screening results.

DMV Application and Testing

Once the TSA has approved your fingerprint check, you may take the Hazardous Materials knowledge test and receive the endorsement.

Be prepared to provide Proof of Citizenship and Residency. An individual applying for issuance or renewal of a Hazmat endorsement must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident of the U.S. Federal regulations require proof of status be submitted to DMV at the time of your application for the Hazmat endorsement.

The initial application and knowledge test must be completed at a CDL Office. See also Commercial Driver License Fees. Renewals and out-of-state transfers can be completed at any DMV office.

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Your TSA background check is valid for five years. The Department will notify you by mail approximately 90 days before it is due to expire. You must submit to a new background check if you wish to keep your endorsement.

You must receive a new fingerprint approval from the TSA, remove the endorsement or downgrade your license prior to expiration. If you do not, your driver license and all driving privileges will be suspended. The DMV will send you a certified letter approximately 10 days prior to the suspension.


TSA requires an individual who is prohibited from holding a CDL with Hazmat endorsement, based on a disqualifying event, to surrender the endorsement. If you know you will not qualify, you must surrender your endorsement. You may save the fees for the fingerprint check by voluntarily surrendering your endorsement at any DMV office. (49 CFR 1572.5)

The Transportation Security Administration has developed lists of crimes that pose a potential threat to the nation's transportation network. Some offenses disqualify a driver for up to seven years. Others disqualify the driver for life. TSA may grant waivers in certain circumstances. Please follow the links below.