Voter Registration


The DMV gives you the opportunity to register to vote or update your registration.

If you would like to register to vote in Nevada or make an update to a current Nevada voter registration, you may complete the voter registration form attached to the DMV applications for a driver's license, ID card, renewal or change of address.

When completing a driver’s license or identification card transaction, the DMV can assist you in completing the voter registration form by printing your name and address on the voter registration application for you. In addition, the Department has a separate voter registration application available that you may take and complete in private and mail or deliver to the County Clerk’s office yourself.

If you have moved within the same county, the DMV can automatically forward the change of address to your county election officials without completing a separate form. All other voter registrations or updates require a signed paper form or you may use the online services below.

Online Services

You can register to vote or update your information without visiting the DMV. Follow these links:

A valid Nevada driver license or ID card is required for the Secretary of State online registration. You must wait 7-10 days after applying for a license or ID to use this service.

Deadlines Top ↑

The close of registration to vote is 30 days prior to the election. Applications must be date stamped or postmarked by the 30th day. Any applications dated after the 30th day will not be entitled to vote in the upcoming election, but are held for the next election.

Qualifications Top ↑

To register to vote you must:

Customers who want to register to vote on an absentee ballot must also register in person at the County Clerk's or Registrar's Office.