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Smoking Vehicle Observation Report

Do Your Part for Air Quality - Report Smoking Vehicles

Smoking Vehicle Hotline
Smoking Vehicle Hotline Billboard

642-SMOG in Las Vegas

Smoking Vehicle Hotline Billboard

686-SMOG in Reno

Radio Commercials: Las Vegas :30  |  Reno :30

Callers are asked to leave the vehicle's license plate number, make and the date, time and place the smoking vehicle was observed. The DMV will investigate reports on any vehicle with a Nevada registration, including heavy-duty diesel trucks and vehicles based in rural areas.

The registered owner is first sent an advisory letter. If we receive multiple reports on the same vehicle, or if the report is made by law enforcement or DMV staff, the letter will require the owner to bring the vehicle to a DMV Emissions Lab for testing. Failure to comply can result in a hold or suspension on the vehicle's registration.

Please also note that law enforcement officers may issue citations for excessive smoke under Nevada Revised Statute 484D.415: "The engine and power mechanism of every motor vehicle shall be so equipped and adjusted as to prevent the escape of excessive fumes or smoke."

If You've Received A Letter...

If you have received a letter from the DMV's Compliance Enforcement Division requesting you bring the vehicle in for testing, you must do so. Failure to comply could result in a hold or suspension on your vehicle registration.

If the letter does not require a test, we ask you to check the vehicle, and if there is a problem, make any necessary repairs to reduce excessive smoke emissions. Improperly tuned engines not only cause air pollution problems, they waste fuel and can result in higher operating costs for you.

If your vehicle is working properly, we apologize for any inconvenience and truly appreciate your efforts in helping to keep our air clean.

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Smoking Vehicle Hotline 686-SMOG Smoking Vehicle Hotline 642-SMOG


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