Fax on Demand Forms

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Fax Machine

Call one of the following numbers on a touch-tone telephone:

486-4368 in Las Vegas 
684-4368 in Reno/Sparks/Carson City
1-877-368-7828 in rural Nevada and out of state

Choose the following options at each successive prompt: 1-2

You will be asked to enter a 3-digit code for each form you request. Use the codes listed on the left below followed by the # sign. To choose more than one form, press 1-2 between each code. Once you have made your selections, press 2 and you will be asked to enter your fax machine's telephone number, area code first and followed by the # sign.

The forms you requested will be sent within minutes. It's easy, fast and free!

The DMV form number with a link to the PDF version is listed to the right of each form below.

Available Forms Top ↑

Vehicle Registration
100 Affidavit of Non-Residency VP 198
105 Application for Vehicle Registration VP 222
110 Bill of Sale VP 104
120 Application for Duplicate Title (2 pages) VP 012
125 Erasure Affidavit VP 019
130 Personalized Plate Application (2 pages) SP 66
140 Disabled Persons Plate/Placard Application SP 27
150 Application for Duplicate Registration Certificate VP 013
155 Vehicle Inspection Certificate VP 015
160 Certificate of Inspection/Affidavit of Vehicle Construction VP 064
170 Affidavit of Non-Operation VP 018
180 Odometer Certification for Emission Exemption (2 pages) EC 18 & EC 19
190 Emission Control Exemption Application EC 8
200 Payment Authorization VP 205
Driver Licensing
205 Application for Driving Privileges or ID Card (2 pages) DMV 002
210 Change of Address Notification by Mail DMV 022
220 Commercial License Physical Examination Form (9 pages) MCSA-5875
230 Out of State Application for Driver License Renew By Mail (2 pages) DMV 204
235 Application for Restricted License (4 pages) DMV 21
240 Beginning Driver Experience Log DLD 130
245 Eye Examination Certificate DP 18
250 Confidential Physicians Report (2 pages) DLD 7
253 Request for Re-Examination (by law enforcement or agency) DLD 23
255 Request for Re-Evaluation (by private individual) DLD 23a
260 One Year Affidavit DLD 33
270 Two Year Affidavit DLD 93
280 Report of Traffic Accident SR 1
285 Voluntary License Surrender DP 5
290 Affidavit of Nevada Driver License and Vehicle Registration Surrender DLD 95
Occupational and Business Licensing
310 Application for Temporary Location (2 pages) OBL 261
320 Application for Business License and Garage Registration (2 pages) OBL 237
330 Certificate of Employment OBL 236
340 Personal History Questionnaire (4 pages) OBL 242
350 Complaint Form (3 pages) CED 020
360 Dealer's Report of Sale Extension Request OBL 275
Insurance Verification
400 Dormant Vehicle Affidavit NVL 003
410 Nevada LIVE Suspension Hearing Request NVL 005
420 Processing Center Payment Card Authorization NVL 007
430 Administrative Authorization (2 pages) NVL 009
440 Declaration of Responsibility NVL 019
Motor Carrier
500 Nevada IFTA Record Keeping Requirements and Checklist Tip Sheet
510 Nevada IFTA Tax Return MC 366
520 Nevada IFTA & Special Fuel User Tax Return Instructions MC 366I
530 Nevada IFTA Tax Return Schedule 1 MC 366A
540 Trip Fuel and Distance Record MC 096
550 Request for Waiver of Interest MC 377
560 Criteria for Waiver of Interest MC 378
570 Idaho Tribal Fuel Purchase Worksheet MC 019
580 Special Fuel Tax Refund Request MC 045D
590 Special Fuel Tax Refund Request Instructions MC 045DI
600 Biodiesel Producer - User Application (2 pages) MC 367
610 Biodiesel Producer - User Report MC 368
620 Power of Attorney MC 078
630 Taxpayer's Bill of Rights for Taxes on Fuels MC 034
640 Credit Card Authorization VP 205
650 IFTA Quarterly Fuel Tax Rates 5 pages
700 Application for Individual Record Information (8 pages) IR 002
710 Application for Records Account (11 pages) IR 001
720 Records Fees IR 005
730 Letter of Authorization to Release Information IR 015
740 Affidavit for Release of Information for Estates Without Probate IR 016

More About Fax on Demand Top ↑

After dialing the number for your area listed above, you should select Option 1.

The Fax on Demand menu is divided into three sections.

After choosing each form, you are asked whether you wish to choose another form or whether to have the selections you have made faxed.  If you are choose to begin the faxing process, you will be asked to enter your 10-digit telephone number. Your forms will then be faxed to you at no charge.