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Motor Carrier Division


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Motor Carrier or Fuel comments only. For other DMV issues or comments, please contact the DMV.


Iowa Fuel Tax Rates  New!

Iowa has had an IFTA tax rate increase beginning March 1, 2015. See the Notice of Iowa Split Rates for filing instructions if you traveled in Iowa during the first quarter.

Permanent Trailer Plates

Beginning January 1, 2015, a permanent plate and registration will be available for full and semi-trailers that are part of a fleet and registered through the Motor Carrier Division.  The one-time fee for a permanent plate/registration is $110 plus a $3.50 plate fee. The permanent registration is valid for as long as the company or person owns the trailer.

Qualifications to obtain a permanent trailer registration:

Permanent Trailer Plate

Existing plates can be switched. See the Permanent Trailer Plate Notification or contact us for details.

Farm Plates

Click for PDF Help

The Department now issues “FARM” plates to certain farm equipment and implements of husbandry. Please see the application and instructions below in order for the Department to process your request.

Clark County Fuel Tax Indexing Forms

Reimbursement Request for Special Fuel Purchased in Clark County (MC413 - XLS)

CDL Medical Examiners

All medical certificates issued on or after May 21, 2014, must be issued only by examiners listed in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. See the DMV Bulletin and visit the National Registry for more information.

Temporary Trip Permit Requirements

Out of state commercial vehicles with a Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 10,001 pounds or more are required to get a temporary registration permit. Carriers are required to get permits before entering Nevada.

Out of state commercial vehicles 10,000 pounds and under used in business in Nevada are required to obtain a Non-Resident Business Permit within 10 days of commencing operations. See Movement Permits.

Potential Fuel Tax Evasion Report

Do your part to make sure everyone pays their fair share! Report potential fuel tax evasion online. Or, call the Motor Carrier Audit Team at (775) 684-4634.

UCR Registration

If you operate any truck or bus in interstate commerce, you must register with the federal Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) program. Nevada is a non-participating state and does not offer this service. However, Nevada-based carriers must comply with UCR. You must register with a participating state. Online registration is available at or see UCR Contacts.


Silver Flume LogoSilverFlume, an online service from the Nevada Secretary of State, enables businesses to set up a profile with the basic information that nearly every governmental agency in Nevada requires. You can sign in with your existing Secretary of State online account. Manage your business more efficiently by creating a Silverflume profile.

Quick Info and Contacts

The Nevada Department of Transportation website is your best source for current permit information on all oversized and overweight vehicles including the latest route conditions, prohibitions and restrictions. See also Permits.

Motor Carrier Laws

Chapter Number and Title Statutes Code
360a Administration of Certain Taxes and Fees on Fuels NRS --
365 Taxes on Certain Fuels for Motor Vehicles and Aircraft NRS NAC
366 Tax on Special Fuels NRS NAC
371 Governmental Services Tax on Vehicle Registrations NRS --
373 County Taxes on Fuels NRS --
459 Hazardous Materials NRS NAC
482 Non-Apportioned Vehicle Registration NRS NAC
483 Driver License NRS NAC
484 Traffic Laws (replaced by Chapters 484A - 484E below) NRS NAC
484A Traffic Laws Generally NRS --
484B Rules of the Road NRS --
484C Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or a Prohibited Substance NRS --
484D Equipment, Inspections and Size, Weight and Load of Vehicles NRS --
484E Accidents and Reports of Accidents NRS --
485 Insurance and Financial Responsibility NRS NAC
590 Petroleum Products and Antifreeze NRS NAC
706 Motor Carrier/Apportioned Registration NRS NAC
Title 49 Federal Laws and Regulations - Transportation USC CFR