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DMV prepared for DAC applicants
State preparing for Driver Authorization Card program

CARSON CITY – Nevada’s DMV is ready for a wave of applicants for the new Driver Authorization Card (DAC) program that goes into effect on Thursday.

“The Legislature estimated as many as 60,000 people will apply for the new card,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard. “We don’t know how much of a crowd we will get starting on Thursday but we expect there will be a healthy amount of interest in obtaining the new card,” he added.

DMV’s preparations for the new card have included 18 new hires in Las Vegas and Reno, computer system modifications, staff training, registration of approved translators and sponsoring or taking part in a series of public workshops in Las Vegas and Reno.

“We have made a concerted effort to interact with community groups in both Las Vegas and Reno to get the word out about the DAC,” said Dillard. “It has been a high profile issue since the passage of Senate Bill 303 and we understand its significance,” he added.

DAC applicants will be allowed to submit documents that would not be accepted for a standard Nevada driver’s license or identity card. DACs are not intended for use outside of the legal authority for operating a motor vehicle. 

Some of those documents include the following:

  • A passport issued by a foreign government
  • A birth certificate issued by a foreign government
  • A consular identification card
  • Any document issued by a foreign government that the Department determines is substantially similar to a consular identification card

One of the requirements for those applying for the DAC is that any foreign language documents submitted to establish identity be translated into English by a “verified” translator. A list of approved translators is available on the DMV website.

DMV expanded an original list of documents required to meet the proof of Nevada residency requirements in SB 303. The revised list includes 20 separate documents such as bank statements, medical bills, educational records, lease or mortgage statements, etc.

Applicants who are not currently licensed in the U.S. must pass DMV vision, written and driving skills tests.

Regulations and requirements for the DAC are available on the DMV website at



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