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Circa 1982 Replica Plates

Circa 1982 Plates

Plate Image
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Name and Group Standard
Initial/Annual Fee
Circa 1982 Replica plate Circa 1982 Replica
Available for all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Not available for motorcycles.
$26/$0 $61/$20


SP 45

If you have an existing set of blue or Circa 1982 plates which have become unreadable and you need to replace them, use the Duplicate License Plate Application (SP 14).

Fees listed are in addition to all other applicable registration fees. Incomplete, illegible or incorrect applications will be returned.

How Do I Get These Plates?

Circa 1982 plates are not "in stock" at DMV offices. Each set must be custom-ordered. Download and complete the appropriate application above. Circa 1982 plates are available for passenger and light commercial vehicles only. They are not available for motorcycles or trailers.

Spring 2015 Production Delays - Orders for Circa 1982 plates placed now may not be processed until early May or later. The DMV is transferring plate production to a new facility in Carson City. Production of Circa 1982 plates will be delayed due to the specialized equipment and processes used to manufacture them. Other plate styles should not be affected.

We encourage you to order Circa 1982 plates by mail or fax to avoid driving with a movement permit for an extended period. Maintain your existing standard plates or obtain new standard plates with a new registration until your Circa 1982 plates are ready.

See Online Vehicle Registration if you have just purchased a vehicle from a Nevada dealer. You can register it online and obtain standard plates by mail without visiting the DMV.

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You can order by mail, fax or in person at a DMV office. Mailed orders may be paid by check or money order payable to DMV or a Payment Authorization (VP 205). You may also fax the application and a payment authorization to (775) 684-4797.

If you order by mail or fax, the DMV Full Service Office or County Assessor you designate on the application will send you a notice when it receives your plates. You must visit the DMV or Assessor to pick up your plates.

If you choose to keep the same expiration date on your registration, we will issue your new plates with a new registration slip and decal. No renewal or emission inspection is required. A $5 substitute plate fee will apply.

You have the option of renewing your vehicle registration for a full year. You will need to complete an emission inspection if required and if the last test was completed more than 90 days ago. Your expiration date will change if the current expiration date is more than 35 days away. Credit will be given for the unused portion of your current Nevada registration.

If you order in person at a DMV or Assessor office, we will issue a temporary movement permit and mail the new plates to you.

What Plate Numbers Are Available?

Standard Plate Numbers

You can choose any standard Nevada license plate number as long as it is available, was once produced by the Department and has not been renewed for 18 months or longer. The initial fee for this type of plate is $26.

Have three choices in mind and email or call (775) 684-4368 in Reno/Carson City, 486-4368 in Las Vegas or 1-877-368-7828 in rural Nevada (choose option 6). Many blue plates were issued with a county designator and four or five numbers before Nevada adopted its current three-number and three-letter system.

The DMV staff will only search three plate numbers per e-mail or call. Examples of county designator plate numbers would be W12345 for Washoe County or CT12345 for a pickup registered in Clark County. The online plate search cannot be used for these numbers.

Personalized Plate Numbers

You can transfer an existing personalized number or order a new combination subject to the same approval process as other personalized plates. The initial fee is $61. Use our Online Plate Search to determine whether your three choices are available.

What If I Already Have Blue Plates?

You are not required to surrender blue plates or order a new set as long as they are in good condition and readable. You may order Replica plates if your existing blue plates are faded or worn out.

You may be able to reinstate an old set of blue plates as long as they are in good condition and the plate number is available. To verify if you can use your old set, bring them into your local DMV office when you are ready to use them on a vehicle. You may order Replica plates if they are not reusable.