Registration Renewals, Duplicates, Decals and Driver History Reports are printed on the spot. Many kiosks take cash!

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ODOMETER READINGS: Motorists are required to submit odometer readings at vehicle registration and renewal under a new law passed in the 2019 Legislature.

NEW LICENSE PLATES: Plates to support the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center and STEM Education are now on sale.

ADVANCE PLATE APPLICATIONS: The DMV is accepting applications for the upcoming Women's Suffrage and Retired Military Vehicle license plates.

HELMET LAW: Moped and trimobile riders are now required to wear helmets. See Traffic Safety Resources for a list of all the new laws passed by the 2019 Nevada Legislature.

FLOOD-DAMAGED CARS: Vehicles damaged in hurricanes and floods can turn up for sale anywhere. See our tips on spotting flood damage.

AUDIO HANDBOOKS: The Nevada Driver Handbook is available in audio versions in both English and Spanish.

AAA PARTNERSHIP: AAA offices in Carson City, Las Vegas, Reno and Sparks now offer vehicle registration services.

TEEN DRIVERS: Get the Parents Supervised Driving Guide and RoadReady app to help teens gain behind-the-wheel experience.

UBER/LYFT DRIVERS: You must mail a records application to obtain your original license issue date.