Emissions Testing Areas

You must complete an emission inspection If your renewal notice says "Smog Check Required" or if you are registering a newly-purchased vehicle that requires a test.

Clark County Top ↑

Emissions testing is required in the Las Vegas Valley (hydrographic drainage basin 212) and within a five-mile buffer zone around it. This covers the entire Mount Charleston area including Kyle Canyon and Lee Canyon Roads, Blue Diamond and Bonnie Springs.

The only exceptions are vehicles based in the community of Goodsprings, which is near the border of the buffer zone. The community of Jean is outside the buffer zone.

Clark County Testing Area

Washoe County Top ↑

Emissions testing is required in Reno, Sparks, Washoe Valley and most of the area west of Washoe Valley. Testing is also required in the areas north and east of Reno between Interstate 80 and the 40th degree of north latitude (about midway through Pyramid Lake).

Washoe County Testing Area