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NEWS FROM: Office of Criminal Justice Assistance 01-106

DMV&PS' Criminal Justice Assistance Launches "Falcon's Nest"
New programs maximize local law enforcement budgets
by helping jurisdictions purchase or obtain free equipment

The Office of Criminal Justice Assistance is unveiling two programs designed to assist local law enforcement jurisdictions obtain equipment at or below cost or at no cost. "Falcon's Nest," an acronym for Federal Assistant Liaison Connecting Officials of Nevada-Networking Equipment Support Team, uses the "Excess Property Program" offered by Department of Defense's military property for the available free equipment. New equipment is obtained at or below cost via the "Law Enforcement Equipment Purchase Program" by the Falcon's Nest liaison with the federal government's General Services Administration.

Examples of the available equipment for purchase at 20%-50% below retail or at no cost include: automobiles, survival gear, cameras, command vehicles, computers, radios, officer safety equipment, aircraft, audio visual equipment and much more.

DMV&PS Director Richard Kirkland highly recommends the programs to Nevada's law enforcement community, "These programs benefit local law enforcement by providing the opportunity to obtain life saving equipment they otherwise may not have the resources to purchase on their own."

Other local law enforcement agencies, including Washoe County Sheriff's Office, Washoe School District Police, the Nevada Division of Wildlife, Nevada Highway Patrol, Las Vegas Metro Police Department and Fallon Police Department have all obtained equipment from the Falcon's Nest programs.

For more information on the Falcon's Nest programs, call Gary White at 687-5282 or log on to the Falcon's Nest website at