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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   February 9, 2001
NEWS FROM: Nevada Highway Patrol Records and Identification Services Bureau  01-007

DMV&PS Builds Technology Weapon to Combat Domestic Violence

The Nevada Highway Patrol's Records and Identification Services Bureau unveils a new weapon in its arsenal to assist statewide law enforcement in its continuing efforts to combat incidences of domestic violence. The Bureau, working in partnership with the State's Attorney General, the Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety's Information Technology Division, the Administrative Office of the Court, the Supreme Court, the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence and the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police Association and has joined forces to design and implement an instantaneous method for the Nevada criminal justice community to access information on court orders of protection against domestic violence.

When Nevada's police officers make a wants and warrants inquiry through the Nevada Criminal Justice Information System (NCJIS), the officer now receives immediate domestic violence protection order information on the subject of their inquiry. This information can be enforced in one of two ways: The officer can serve the domestic violence protection order on the subject or the officer can arrest the subject if he or she is in violation of the order. Before the new system was implemented, officers did not know if a protection order had been issued or served unless the victim had an actual hard copy of it to show the officer. Additionally, the protection order file is now accessed by the State's Point-Of-Sale Firearms program when making suitability determinations on subjects who purchase firearms from gun dealers through out the state.

DMV&PS Director Richard Kirkland commended the success of the system and the cooperation of all the agencies involved, "We now have an excellent tool in the war against domestic violence. Officers instantly access protection order information and can immediately arrest a subject or serve the order." Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa added, "Our office has partnered closely with the various agencies and has been proud to take the lead in administering the grant to support this project. The protection order registry is a critical step in strengthening the enforce ability of protection orders, thereby allowing the system to make victims safer and hold batterers accountable."

The 1997 Legislative session passed AB170, which proposed sweeping changes to Nevada's domestic violence laws. Among the bill's provisions was the development of a repository for information concerning orders for protection against domestic violence.

As of January 26, 2001, there are 2,413 orders in the file. Since going live on 11/13/2000, an excess of 276 orders were noticed or served by Nevada law enforcement agencies from the file. The streamlined process allows entry and printing of the protection orders at the court without additional data entry by Records and Identification Services staff. 

For more information, contact:

Records and Identification Services Dennis DeBacco 775-687-1600 x 266

Administrative Office Of the Court Ron Titus or Susan Strauss 775-684-1700

Attorney General's Office Nancy Hart or Veronica Frenkel 775-688-1818

Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence Sue Meuschke 775-828-1115