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NEWS FROM: Nevada Highway Patrol & Nevada Division of Investigation  01-024

NHP and NDI Officers Complete Clandestine Lab Training
Nine officers experience intense five-day training in Quantico, Virginia

Nine members of the Nevada Department of Public Safety's Patrol and Investigative Divisions attended the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)-sponsored Clandestine Laboratory Certification Training from June 4-8 at the DEA Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

The 44-hour course prepared officers to safely enter clandestine methamphetamine labs that are contaminated with a variety of hazardous materials. Chemicals typically found in these labs can be explosive, flammable, toxic and may emit poisonous gasses that are both odorless and invisible. Course topics included: toxicology, air monitoring, hazard control, respiratory protection, protective clothing, site control and personnel & equipment decontamination.

Officers participated in "hands on" practical exercises simulating a variety of situations that could be encountered in an operating meth lab. They were required to wear class "C" chemical hazard suits, which includes self contained breathing apparatuses, and test the area for explosive or flammable conditions and sample vapors from a variety of chemicals.

NDI Chief David Hosmer confirmed the importance of the training to his Division. "Methamphetamine investigation is extremely dangerous. This specialized training is vital for our officers as they deal with the huge increases in meth production in Nevada."

The training was sponsored and funded by the DEA and included travel. Training and lodging was provided at the DEA Justice Training Center adjacent to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

For an interview with Andrew Rasor, a Winnemucca-based NDI officer who attended the training, and for photos of the exercises, contact Kim Evans at 775-684-4554.