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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 26th, 2001
NEWS FROM: Central Services Division 01-167

DMV Begins License Plate Reissue
First Plates Are In The Mail

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles this week began mailing replacement license plates to motorists whose registrations expire in January. Mailing will continue throughout 2002.

As directed by the Nevada Legislature, the department will replace all "Big Horn Sheep" license plates with the new "Sunset" design during the 2002 registration renewal process.

"Our goal is to carry out this legislation with a minimal inconvenience to our customers," said DMV Director Ginny Lewis. "No DMV office visit is necessary and we encourage motorists to renew their vehicle registration by alternate methods: Internet, mail, telephone or at emission inspection stations."

The DMV is asking motorists to ensure it has their correct address. The U.S. Post Office will not forward plates even if there is a forwarding order in place. The reissue is a simple, three step process:

Motorists who do not replace their Big Horn Sheep plates are subject to citation by law enforcement after December 31st, 2002. A DMV office visit may also be necessary to correct any unusual problems.

The reissue does not affect specialty plates. Pre-1982 Blue Plates and plates such as Lake Tahoe, Children in the Arts, Veterans, Collegiate and any plate with a plain white or custom background will not be replaced.

This reissue does affect all plates with the Big Horn Sheep background. This includes Classic Vehicles and organizational plates such as Amateur Radio, Civil Air Patrol, Press, etc. Any plate with a gray sheep pictured in the upper left corner must be replaced.

A Prison Industries Fee of 50 cents per plate is being added to the usual registration fees to cover the cost of the plates. Mailing and administrative costs are being paid through a special, one-time appropriation of $3,610,140.


Bitmap files of both license plate designs are available for publication. Call the DMV Public Information Office above or email

The attached flyer is being distributed to large employers and other organizations such as senior centers. It is also available on the DMV web site.


Big Horn Sheep Plate


Sunset Plate