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Insurance Cards Now Required at the DMV
The change will help make insurance validation more efficient

Motorists registering a car at the DMV will have to present a Nevada Evidence of Insurance card beginning Monday, February 1. The new requirement is part of the Department of Motor Vehicles’ effort to overhaul its insurance verification system and tackle the problem of uninsured motorists in the state. Insurance cards will also be required at renewals, registration reinstatements and license plate changes.

Under the new “Nevada LIVE” program, the DMV will capture the insurance information at registration and instantly confirm it with the motorist’s insurance company. Currently, insurance companies report policy information to the DMV via mailed data tapes or cartridges, leading to delays and errors in the reporting.

“We’re going to get your policy information up front and validate it instantly,” said DMV Director Edgar Roberts. “This will be a win for everyone - except the uninsured motorist.”

Nevada LIVE, short for “Nevada Liability Insurance Validation Electronically,” will also feature a new web page for motorists and insurance agents to update policy information online. The new web page and the internet-based instant validation are set to go live on March 15. The validation service will also be available to law enforcement and the courts.

The Department of Motor Vehicles has worked closely with the insurance industry and the Nevada Division of Insurance for more than a year to ensure the program operates as efficiently as possible. The DMV has used its own staff to design and build Nevada LIVE at a cost of about $378,000. There will be no ongoing costs to the state.

The DMV and the industry will see reduced costs through the web-based automation. The industry and the State of Nevada should also see increased revenues as the DMV takes action against more uninsured motorists and motorists who maintain their insurance out of state. The public will benefit from fewer uninsured motorists on the road and fewer errors in the verification system.

The Insurance Research Council, in a 2008 study, estimated Nevada’s uninsured motorist rate at 15 percent. It also estimated that each one percent rise in the unemployment rate is associated with an increase in the uninsured motorist rate of more than three-quarters of a percentage point.

For more information, see the DMV’s website at

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Nevada law requires that motorists maintain continuous liability coverage on every vehicle registered in the state. Motorists must also keep an Evidence of Insurance card in their vehicle at all times and present it to any law enforcement officer upon request. Nevada does not specify the exact format of cards but they must contain the following two statements:

The minimum limits for coverage are:

Many large, national insurance companies do business in multiple states; however, your policy must be written for Nevada. Out of state insurance will not be accepted.


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