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NEWS FROM: Directors Office 10-019

DMV Improving Services with Shorter Wait Times
Programming upgrades and grant money is making a difference, more changes coming

Average wait times at the Department of Motor Vehicles’ busiest offices have dropped to under 60 minutes, thanks to the department’s Information Technology staff who programmed upgrades to the department’s computer system using federal grant money.

“We were able to use federal grant funds to upgrade and test our computer application,” DMV Director Edgar Roberts said.  “Those changes went into effect on September 30 after nearly a year of programming and testing.  The changes reduced the average wait times in our metropolitan offices by 26 to 30 minutes.”

The most dramatic reduction in wait times was at the Decatur office.  In September, the average wait time at that office was 59 minutes.  In October, it dropped to 23 minutes.  The Reno office’s average wait time went from 86 minutes to 40, the Henderson office from 82 to 57, the Sahara office from 70 to 59 and the West Flamingo office from 82 to 48.

Grant funds were also used to purchase additional photo capture stations.  A second capture station was successfully installed and tested in the West Flamingo office October 18 and plans are to install a second capture station in all remaining metropolitan offices this month.

“Two photo capture stations in our busiest offices will reduce wait times even more,” Roberts said.

Other efforts by the department have contributed to a reduction in office wait times by giving motorists alternatives to visiting an office.  Its innovative program to communicate with emission inspection stations where motorists can renew vehicle registrations received top honors at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers’ 2010 Recognition Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Information Technology in State Government last September.

The system was developed entirely in-house by DMV programmers at no cost other than the staff time. The new database replaced a telephone-based system operated by a private contractor for a savings to the taxpayer of more than $3 million annually.

“The VID is a prime example of the department’s commitment to developing technological solutions that make doing business with the department easier and save the Nevada taxpayers money,” Roberts said.

The department’s website has also allowed motorists to complete a number of transactions without visiting an office.  In September of this year, 57,830 vehicle registration and driver’s license renewals were processed online.  In addition to renewals, motorists can use the website to order duplicate registrations or decals, search for personalized plates, print out drive records, update insurance information, report vehicles sales, download forms and report the sale of vehicles.

“At, you’re just a click away from first in line,” Roberts said.  “It’s a good idea to check our website before heading to an office.  We add features and functions to the website regularly.  There’s a good chance that what you need to do can be done on line.”

One of the most recent additions to the web-based transactions is the department’s Electronic Dealer Report of Sale program.  Currently in the pilot stage with 21 car dealers participating in southern Nevada, 13 participating in the north, it allows participating dealers to issue the report of a sale directly to the department electronically.  That allows the buyer to register a new car online instead of visiting an office.

“An electronic report of sale means no paper copy and no required office visit,” Roberts said. “Expanding this program is one of the department’s priorities because, as it stands now outside this pilot program, buying a new car or a new-to-you car requires an office visit to register it.”

Another successful partnership that has helped reduce wait times is between the department and the American Automobile Association (AAA). Two AAA offices in the north and five in the south have the department’s self-service kiosks. Motorists can use the kiosks to renew registrations, reinstate a suspended registration and print out drive records.

“The kiosks dispense registration renewal decals on the spot,” Roberts said, “so motorists don’t have to wait for them to arrive in the mail.”  Roberts also said the department is exploring ways to add services to the kiosks that include driver’s license renewals, vision tests and photo capture.

“We’re not standing still,” Roberts said.  “We are constantly seeking was to make our services more efficient and more convenient.”


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