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NEWS FROM: Directors Office 11-007

Fernley "DMV in a Box" Ribbon Cutting Tomorrow
Self-service kiosk can renew vehicle registrations, print out drive records
and reinstate suspended registrations

The official ribbon cutting ceremony for the City of Fernley's DMV kiosk is scheduled for tomorrow, March 2 at 2:30 p.m. with Fernley Mayor LeRoy Goodman, DMV Director Bruce Breslow and Fernley City Council members.

"We believe that this convenience will truly serve the residents of Fernley now and in the future," said City Manger Greg Evangelatos.  "We are appreciative of Director Breslow moving this forward in a timely manner."

The kiosk, located in Fernley’s City Hall at 595 Silver Lace Blvd., can be used to renew vehicle registrations, print out drive records and reinstate registrations that have been suspended because of an insurance lapse.  Payment options include four major credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks.

"This is just the beginning of our plan to bring the DMV into neighborhoods, employment centers and campuses across Nevada," DMV Director Bruce Breslow said.  "With the Legislature’s help in making our kiosk program self-funded, ‘DMV in a Box’ could become as commonplace as bank ATM machines. Also, if the Legislature approves self-funding, we will be able to add other services like driver license renewals."

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News Release - "DMV in a Box" Debuts in Fernley

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Note: The Fernley City Hall kiosk was relocated to the Scolari's Food and Drug at 1400 US Highway 95A in June 2012. See News Release 12-006.