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DMV enhances service for online users
New “MyDMV” web portal consolidates, personalizes transactions

CARSON CITY – Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has created a web portal called “MyDMV” that puts all of the most common DMV transactions in one place, making it more convenient for motorists to renew a driver’s license, vehicle registration or ID card. For the first time, customers will be able to make a change of address online.

“MyDMV asks motorists to register online for a personalized DMV account,” said Troy Dillard, DMV director. “Once registered, a person can find all of their license and registration records in one place,” he added.

Dillard said MyDMV account holders will be able to go green by receiving registration renewal notices by email. Starting this summer, participating vehicle owners will receive a 60-day advance notice for registration renewals, a provision added through coordination with Assemblywoman Dina Neal (D-Las Vegas). After the 60-day email notice, account holders will receive reminders at 30 days and 15 days to renew their registrations. In addition, account holders will be able to obtain a driver history printout, update insurance information, check the status of a license or registration or order a duplicate license, ID or registration.

In order to register, customers will need a Nevada driver’s license or ID card, their date of birth, social security number and valid email address. Signing up is easy and free at

DMV is actively pursuing options for customers to make transactions without going to a DMV office. In addition to online services, the agency now has 46 self-service kiosks across the state in DMV offices and partner locations. DMV started the kiosk program in 2003 and now conducts more than 500,000 transactions per year at the kiosks. Partner locations include Albertson’s, Scolari’s, AAA, University of Nevada Las Vegas and the University of Nevada Reno. DMV has 28 partner locations.

DMV launched its web services in 2000, conducting only 2,584 transactions on the web that first year. Last fiscal year (2012), DMV conducted 773,535 transactions online. In that same fiscal year, the agency conducted 4.2 million transactions in offices around the state and another 2.1 million transactions by mail.

“We are committed to using the advances in technology available to us to make the DMV experience as efficient as possible,” said Dillard.

Online News Conference Friday, May 10, at 11 a.m.

The DMV is using technology to introduce technology with a news conference broadcast live on YouTube.  A panel of journalists will question Director Troy Dillard and MyDMV lead programmer Arun Kumaran through a Google “Hangout”, which is a videoconferencing platform. 

Anyone with internet access can watch the news conference Friday, May 10, at 11 a.m. Visit



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MyDMV Logo

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Playing Cards! DMV technicians will be handing out playing cards to promote MyDMV.

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Fact Sheet

  • Starting in 2000, web transactions at DMV have climbed from a modest 2,584 to nearly 775,000 in FY 2012. As indicated by the chart below, web transactions have increased on a steady basis.
  • DMV’s kiosks have seen a similar rapid rate of growth. From a modest 17,566 kiosk transactions when the system was launched in 2004, the usage of kiosks has steadily increased and now numbers more than 500,000 transactions per year.
Web Transaction Charts
  • In 2010, 80 percent of Nevada residents (2.1M) were using the Internet. (
  • In 2011, Nevada had 1.3M Facebook users. (
  • There were 245.2M internet users in the US (representing 78.1 percent of the population) at mid-year 2012, according to Internet World Stats. (Internet World Stats, December 2012)
  • Internet usage is ubiquitous in the US, according to an eMarketer report ‘US Internet Users 2013: Solid, Saturated Market for Web, Search and Email'. At 76.9 percent of the population in 2013, eMarketer estimates that between 2013 and 2017 the number of internet users will average percentage gains just below 2 percent, equating to less than 20 million new users. (eMarketer, March 2013)