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DMV accepting translator applications
State preparing for Driver Authorization Cards

CARSON CITY – The Nevada DMV is now accepting applications for individuals to receive approved translator status with the agency.

One of the requirements for those applying for the new Nevada Driver Authorization Card (DAC) in January will be that any foreign language documents submitted to establish identity be translated into English by a “verified” translator.

The application is on the DMV’s website at The form asks for the applicant’s name, address, phone, email address, service areas, languages translated and a listing of previous translation experience. There are no fees.

Once approved, the translators will be listed on DMV’s website and assigned a translator number. That number will be used by DMV technicians to verify the translator is in DMV’s system and will be required on all translated documents.

“The Legislature has estimated as many as 60,000 people will apply for the DAC and many will need to have documents translated before they can apply,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard. “We hope to establish a comprehensive list of approved translators so applicants will be able to find translation assistance convenient to their location,” he added.

Senate Bill 303, the enabling legislation for the new driver cards, states, “No document which is written in a language other than English may be accepted by the Department pursuant to this subsection unless it is accompanied by a verified translation of the document in the English language.”

DMV’s regulations require the following:

  • Documents must be typed or electronically printed
  • Translations must be of the entire document
  • A typed or electronically printed, signed statement certifying the translation is accurate and the translator is fully competent must accompany the translation
  • Both the original document and translation are considered one document
  • Any name variation from any identity document must be accompanied by legal documentation of the name change.



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