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DMV rolls out new clean air campaign
Smog Spotter campaign encourages people to report polluting vehicles

CARSON CITY – Nevada’s DMV recently rolled out its new clean air advertising campaign, Smog Spotters. The campaign, featuring radio, online and Pandora ads, is designed to encourage Nevada residents to report polluting vehicles.

“We have taken a fresh approach to our clean air program with new branding and messaging,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard. “Keeping Nevada’s air clean is a responsibility that falls to each of us and that’s the objective of the Smog Spotter program,” he added.

Dillard said smoking vehicles are not just bad for the environment, but are bad for people’s health in general. “Vehicle pollutants can cause cardiovascular disease, asthma or even lung cancer,” he added.

The Smog Spotter program features a new toll-free statewide number (844) END-SMOG (844-363-7664) and a new mobile friendly website because most polluting vehicle reports come from mobile devices.

“We designed a mobile friendly site to accommodate the shift to mobile communications. However, we are sensitive to the texting while driving issue so the first thing you see on the mobile site is instruction to not continue if you are driving,” he added.

DMV receives roughly 10,000 smoking vehicle reports each year through a public phone line, law enforcement line and emails. “We hope this campaign will increase awareness about keeping Nevada’s air clean and we will see a bump in the number of calls and emails we receive,” said Dillard.

Dillard said after receiving a Smog Spotter report, the DMV's Compliance Enforcement Division sends an advisory letter to the registered owner of the smoking vehicle. If law enforcement or DMV staff makes a report, the registered owner will be instructed to present the vehicle at a DMV Emissions Control Lab for inspection. Failure to comply can result in cancellation of the vehicle's registration or a hold on its renewal.

If the letter does not require the vehicle to be inspected at the DMV Emissions Lab, the registered owner must check the vehicle and make any necessary repairs to reduce excessive emissions. Improperly tuned and excessively worn engines not only cause air pollution problems, they waste fuel and can result in higher operating costs.

Additionally, law enforcement officers may issue citations for excessive smoke under several laws including Nevada Revised Statute 484D.415: "The engine and power mechanism of every motor vehicle shall be so equipped and adjusted as to prevent the escape of excessive fumes or smoke."




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