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Note: Please see the Dash Pass web page for updated information. Remote check-in is no longer offered in the Las Vegas and Reno offices.

DMV Dash Pass comes to Las Vegas
Customers can check in from anywhere

LAS VEGAS – The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has launched its new Dash Pass check-in system in the Las Vegas area. The system is designed to revolutionize the DMV experience, according to agency officials.

Motorists can text, phone, or go online to place themselves in line at the DMV without being physically present. Dash Pass sends text updates or calls back with an estimated wait time. It then sends reminders and even tells the customers which window will serve them.

“It changes the whole dynamic of waiting in line at the DMV,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard. “Our customers can now check in from anywhere and use their time as they see fit.”

At the office, television monitors and a public address system announce the last four digits of the customer’s phone number and the window where they will be served. DMV staff members check in customers who didn’t join in advance.

Customers should visit the DMV website at for texting info and other details.  Dash Pass is based on text messages or phone calls.  There is nothing to download.

The system has been in operation in the Reno area since March, 2014. It has drawn positive reviews and won a local award. Dash Pass was named “Best in Mobile Marketing” for 2014 by the Reno-Tahoe chapter of the American Marketing Association.

The Dash Pass system was developed by QLess of Pasadena, Calif. QLess technology is being used at DMVs in Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Texas and in other environments such as airports, theme parks, retail, education and healthcare.

“With a mission to liberate customers from waiting in line, we are pleased to partner with Nevada DMV,” said Alex Bäcker, founder and CEO of QLess. “We are confident that this partnership will result in better customer service and overall happier residents in the state of Nevada.”

The DMV has a full promotional campaign for Dash Pass titled "Some call it revolutionary. We just call it Dash Pass."  Download the press kit for details.

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