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Please contact your County Assessor to apply for an exemption or to check the status of your existing exemption.

The Clark County Assessor is at (702) 455-3882.

June 17, 2015


DMV offers a new convenience to more than 40,000 veterans

LAS VEGAS – Nevada veterans in Clark County may now claim their annual property tax exemption during a vehicle registration renewal online or at one of the DMV’s self-service kiosks. Up until now, veterans in Clark County could renew only by mail or in person at a DMV office. To use the new service, veterans simply enter their voucher number during the online renewal at or at a DMV kiosk.

“This is a great new convenience that veterans have been requesting for years,” said DMV Director Troy Dillard. “We are pleased to offer online and kiosk exemptions to those who have served our country. This service will also help shorten the wait times in the Las Vegas DMV offices.”

Clark County recently completed work to upgrade its computer system to allow the exemptions to be made with DMV electronically. Veterans are required to obtain exemption paperwork from Clark County. Veteran’s exemptions are issued by the county assessor’s office. With Clark County coming online, all 17 Nevada counties now offer processing of veteran’s exemptions online or at a DMV kiosk.

“We are pleased that the exemptions are finally available for use online at DMV, and thank the veterans for their patience,” said Michele W. Shafe, Clark County Assessor.  “Those eligible veterans whom do not yet have their exemption are encouraged to apply. Visit for qualifications and an application or call (702) 455-3882.”

The exemption can save motorists on the governmental services tax portions of vehicle registration fees. Those who qualify include veterans with certain periods of service and veterans with a service-connected disability of 60 percent or more. Surviving spouses and the blind are also eligible for exemptions.

Clark County veterans, surviving spouses and the blind claim more than 45,000 exemptions on vehicle registration fees per year that total about $5.7 million.  Statewide, veterans, surviving spouses and the blind claim more than 69,000 exemptions totaling $7.7 million.

“We encourage every eligible veteran to get the exemption and use it online,” said Katherine Miller, Director of the Nevada Department of Veterans Services. “The DMV’s online registration renewal is very easy to use. Claiming the exemption takes just a few extra seconds.”

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Qualifying Dates of Service: Nevada Revised Statutes 371.103


Clark County Tax Exemptions Claimed for Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Reduction
Fiscal Year 2014 - July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014
Exemption Type Number Claimed Governmental Services Taxes Reduction Supplemental GST Reduction Dollar Totals
VETERAN 40,861 $4,354,274 $1,089,962 $5,444,236
SURVIVING SPOUSES 4,465 $214,176 $53,553 $267,729
BLIND 6 $687 $172 $859
CLARK COUNTY TOTALS 45.335 $4,569,270 $1,143,720 $5,712,990
STATE OF NEVADA TOTALS 69,582 $6,508,368 $1,182,427 $7,690,795