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May 19, 2016


State will not seek reimbursement of approximately $19 million

CARSON CITY – The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles today announced that a three-year computer programming error resulted in an overpayment of approximately $19 million in Governmental Services Tax (GST) revenue to Nevada’s local governments and school districts.

The state will not seek reimbursement from the local entities, which are being notified of the issue in formal letters.  The local governments and school districts will be sent revised figures on what the actual revenues should have been for budget planning purposes.

"No individual motorist was affected by this error, but we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused the local governments and school districts," said DMV Director Terri Albertson. "It is important for them to have proper figures for budget planning.”

The error stems from programming in the Department of Motor Vehicles’ MyDMV web portal.  The portion of the GST revenue intended for the State General Fund was included in the portions sent to local governments and school districts. The total amount incorrectly distributed is $19,147,901.33.  The error occurred in registration transactions from the inception of the MyDMV web portal in April, 2013, until the error was discovered and corrected. The error has been corrected and effective with distributions processed for April 2016 and going forward.

Revenue from other registration transactions at DMV offices, kiosks, emissions stations and mail-in renewals was properly allocated.

The majority of the Governmental Services Tax revenue generated in each of Nevada’s 17 counties is returned to that county to help fund local government services and school districts. A small portion is sent to the State General Fund.  The Department of Motor Vehicles and rural county assessors that perform registration transactions retain a six percent commission.

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Actual Amount of Basic Governmental Services Tax (BGST) Overdistributed to School Districts and Counties (PDF)

Actual Amount of Basic Governmental Services Tax (BGST) Overdistributed to Local Governments (PDF)

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