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May 25, 2016

Taiwan, Nevada DMV Sign Driver's License Reciprocity Agreement

Drivers can skip the skills test when applying for a license

CARSON CITY – Representatives of Taiwan and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles formally signed a reciprocity agreement today that enables citizens of both countries to obtain a driver's license without taking a driving skills test if they already hold a license from their home country.

“Taiwanese citizens will still be required to meet the proof of identity requirements and pass a knowledge test to obtain a Nevada driver's license, but this agreement will make the process less time consuming for them as well as for Nevadans living in Taiwan," said DMV Director Terri L. Albertson.

Albertson and Joseph Ma, Director General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco, signed the agreement in a ceremony in the Guinn room at the Nevada State Capitol. Ma hailed the pact's significance for economic and educational reasons.

"The agreement will allow residents with a Taiwanese driver's license to forgo the driving skills test to receive a Nevada Driver's license. Nevada drivers will also be able to exchange their state licenses for those issued by Taiwan. This agreement is another manifestation of the strong friendship between the Silver State and Taiwan, sister states since 1985 who maintain a vibrant trade and cultural relationship,” Ma said.

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske noted that the economic ties between the Silver State and Taiwan continue to grow and include an internship program with her office.

“I was fortunate to witness first-hand the strengthening relationship between our countries through my years in the Legislature, so I am especially honored to be able to see this important development as I serve as Secretary of State and I look forward to enhancing relations further as we develop our internship program,” Cegavske said.

Nevada is the 17th U.S. state to sign such an agreement with the island of 23 million off the coast of China, which has similar agreements with seven Canadian provinces and more than 20 foreign countries. The pact with Taiwan is the first reciprocity agreement between Nevada and another country.

“This is a historic event and another step in the long-standing and growing relationship that Nevada is building with our sister state Taiwan,” said Nevada State Senator Scott Hammond, who spearheaded passage of the enabling legislation, Assembly Bill 383, during the 2015 Nevada Legislature.

Nevada exported $47.3 million worth of goods and services to Taiwan in 2014, according to the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs.  The largest share of exports, $22.4 million, came from the computer and electronics industry.

The relationship between Taiwan and Nevada goes back several decades. The two established a sister-state relationship on October, 1985, In 1991, Taiwan presented Nevada with two plaques that are mounted on the legislative building in Carson City.  The same building also houses five paintings by Taiwanese artists that were donated in 1993. 

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Joseph Ma and Terri Albertson sign the agreement
Joseph Ma of the Taipei Cultural and Economic Office in San Francisco and DMV Director Terri L. Albertson sign the driver's license agreement.

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Taipei Economic And Cultural Office in San Francisco

2015 Assembly Bill 383 – Reciprocity Enabling Legislation

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