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July 1, 2016


Replacement plates will be mailed beginning this month

CARSON CITY – Older Nevada license plates which may be faded or worn will be replaced over the next several years as the Department of Motor Vehicles implements a “rolling reissue” approved by the 2015 Nevada Legislature.  In the future, nearly all plates will be replaced every eight years to help keep Nevada license plates in a readable condition.

Replacement plates with the same number and style will be manufactured and mailed to affected motorists after their annual renewal. Nearly all new plates will feature raised, stamped lettering even if the motorist currently has a flat plate.

“We have license plates on the road that are up to 15 years old and are very difficult to read, especially at night,” said DMV Director Terri L. Albertson. “Plates deteriorate over time due to the snow in northern Nevada and the heat in southern Nevada.  This can make it difficult for law enforcement to properly identify vehicles."

Certain plate styles are exempt from the reissue.  The DMV will not be replacing blue plates issued through December, 1981, replica blue plates issued through June, 2015, or the 150th or 125th Nevada Anniversary plates.

The DMV today begins mailing registration renewal notices to the first batch of motorists who will receive new plates. Affected motorists will be reminded by pop-up messages during internet and kiosk renewals.

Plates and decals are mailed separately. Motorists should hold on to the decal until the new plates arrive.

Not all motorists will be required to replace their plates right away, even if the plates are more than eight years old. The department will replace plates that become eight years old each year. Additionally, a “backlog” of about 719,000 plates that are older than eight years will be replaced over the next three years. The DMV is expecting to mail approximately 380,000 replacement license plates in the coming year and fewer in subsequent years.

Motorists will be charged production fees for new plates. All registration renewals that include replacement plates will include a Prison Industry Fee of 50 cents per plate in addition to all other applicable registration fees.

Renewals may or may not include a Plate Cost Recovery Fee of $3.50 per plate. Generally, this fee will be applied to plates with the standard Sunset background, including Classic Vehicle and similar plates. The total fees for a set of two are $8.00.

Special plates which raise funds for charity already include a production fee and will not be charged the Plate Cost Recovery Fee. The total fees for a set of two are $1.00.

Details about the reissue available on the DMV website at

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Renewal Postcard with Reissue Notice
Renewal Postcard

Faded Sunset License Plate

Faded Las Vegas Centennial License Plate
Examples of Faded License Plates