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November 1, 2016

The Department of Motor Vehicles Debuts the new “Home Means Nevada” Plate

New standard issue plate will replace the Sunset design in use since 2001

Carson City—The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is proud to announce the release of a new standard issue Nevada license plate, the “Home Means Nevada” plate. Beginning November 1, motorists can request the “Home Means Nevada” plate when registering a vehicle or ordering a new plate.

The plate was designed to reflect the unique diversity of the Silver State, from the dry desert landscape of Red Rock Canyon in Clark County, to the rich, green forest of Lake Tahoe and the stunning majesty of the Ruby Mountains. The base color of the plate symbolizes the iconic clear blue Nevada sky and wide open spaces Nevada is known for worldwide.

“A license plate is a way to express your individual identity and show your state pride. Nevada is one of the fastest growing states in the nation and this plate represents the wide open spaces and diverse landscape of the Silver State. It’s titled ‘Home Means Nevada’ because of our great pride for the Silver State,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “Yesterday we celebrated Nevada Day, and reflected on the generations whose pioneering spirit pressed them to seek a new life, opportunities and beginnings. Our state is changing, but the character of its people, like the vast landscape, remain the same. It’s something Nevadans take great pride in, and one of the many reasons why ‘Home Means Nevada.’”

With more than 170 mountain summits, Nevada is the most mountainous state in the contiguous United States. Nevada’s summits are not only a part of our natural heritage but reflect a steadfast, resilient character and a boundless commitment to reaching toward greater heights.

The “Home Means Nevada” plate can fit up to 7 characters, the same as the Nevada Sunset design standard plate, which has been in use since 2001.

Personalized plates on the “Home Means Nevada” design will be available beginning early 2017. The plate will be manufactured in Carson City and features black embossed characters. Soon, the plate will also be produced using a new high definition material, increasing reflectivity as well as being a more environmentally-friendly plate to produce.

The plate will be available for those who request it in office until the remaining supply of Nevada Sunset plates is depleted. Reissue plates will also be sent in the current Sunset design in order to reduce cost and waste of inventory. If you would like to order the new Home Means Nevada plate, don’t forget to skip the line by making an appointment at


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Images and Links

Home Means Nevada plate
Sample image of the new “Home Means Nevada” plate
DMV Terri Albertson and Governor Brian Sandoval
DMV Director Terri Albertson shows off the new “Home Means Nevada” plate with Governor Brian Sandoval.