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December 15, 2016


Law enforcement can begin issuing citations January 1

CARSON CITY – The Department of Motor Vehicles and the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) would like to remind moped owners in Nevada they have a limited number of days left to register their mopeds before enforcement is set to begin.

Under Senate Bill 404 (SB 404), which was passed in the 2015 Nevada Legislature, moped owners in Nevada must now pay a one-time only fee to register and plate their vehicle. Because SB 404 was designed as an anti-theft measure, other laws on mopeds have not changed. A driver’s license of any class is required to ride on public streets but mopeds will still remain exempt from insurance and helmet laws.

Law enforcement can begin issuing citations to unregistered mopeds as of January 1, and will be watching for vehicles that do not display a license plate. “The implementation of registrations for mopeds not only allows stolen property to be returned to its rightful owners, but provides another tool to ensure all requirements are being met and those operating vehicles on our roadways are doing so safely,” said spokesperson for the NHP, Trooper Duncan Dauber.

Owners will have to bring their vehicles into the DMV for an inspection to determine whether the vehicle is actually a moped and to establish the vehicle identification number.  In rural counties where there is no DMV office, a sheriff or deputy sheriff can complete the inspection. However, the vehicle must still be registered in-person at a DMV location.

Appointments are recommended to those who need to register their moped, as it will greatly reduce your wait time. Visit for complete details on moped requirements.

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