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For Immediate Release April 11, 1997

DMV breaks ground for full-service office in Henderson

Facility opens in May ‘98 to meet current demands, future needs

Ground breaking activities at 10:30 a.m, today mark the beginning of construction for the newest full-service Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety (DMV-PS) facility in Southern Nevada, which features an unprecedented "no line" waiting area.

Commenting on the event, Donna West, assistant chief of Motor Vehicle Services, said, "This facility reflects the insight of the state legislature regarding our ever-increasing Southern Nevada population, and with it, the number of individuals who require DMV-PS services. When the building is complete, it will exhibit our interest in balancing a personal, customer-friendly environment with professionalism."

West went on to say that while various officials were invited to attend, a group of students also were asked to participate in the event to emphasize that this facility is intended to fulfill not only current motor vehicle needs, but those of the future as well.

Situated at the corner of American Pacific Drive and Stephanie Streets on 5.7 acres, the 18,000 square foot facility, designed by the Nevada Public Works Division, will feature a sit-down lobby that eliminates the need to stand in line while waiting for service. Other attributes include: 30 service windows, a central information center, a queue system, seated counters, and a vehicle inspection station. Initially, weekday hours will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but with an eye toward customer service, operating hours may be extended to 12 hours each weekday.

Scheduled for completion in May 1998, site preparation and construction for the $3.6 million facility will begin this month by Carson Construction, general contractor for the project.

Public Information Office News Release - 97-117

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