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News from: Drivers License 98-101

Nevada Drivers Licenses Now Feature Random Number

New drivers license numbers change from a derivative of drivers social security number to a random number

Nevada drivers licenses issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles will now feature a unique number that is not a form of the driver's social security number. The Nevada drivers license ten digit number will now be assigned randomly and it is not related in any way to the driver's social security number.

Nevada drivers who wish to obtain a new drivers license with the new random number can visit any DMV office and request the new numbered license. New numbers will be issued only in transactions completed in DMV field offices, not via the renew by mail program. The fee for the new randon number drivers license is $1.00, which pays for the cost of producing a new drivers license picture. For renewals, original licenses or any other change on the customer's drivers license, normal applicable fees will apply.

The 1997 Nevada Legislature passed Assembly Bill 443 which amended NRS 483.345, that changed the drivers license number from a derivative of the drivers social security number to a unique, random number.

All drivers licenses now issued will feature the new random number. DMV customers will have the option of imprinting their social security number on their license if they desire.

For further information on the new drivers license random number, contact Drivers License Chief Ginny Lewis at 687-5601.