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DMV & PS Appoints New Chiefof Parole and Probation
20-year Parole and Probation veteran assumes top post

Deputy Chief of Parole and Probation, Carlos Concha, was named today as Chief of Parole and Probation by the Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety, Don Denison.

"I am very pleased to name Carlos Concha as Chief of the Parole and Probation Division", said Director Denison, "After over 20 years with the Division, his insight and experience will be a tremendous asset to the Department. Deputy Director of Public Safety". Ray Sparks adds, "Mr. Concha's background in virtually every aspect of Parole and Probation will be extremely beneficial to the entire criminal justice system".

Mr. Concha started his career with the Division in 1974 as a P & P officer in the Reno District office. He was promoted in 1978 to Senior P & P officer, and in 1983, served as P & P Operations Supervisor. In 1984, he was promoted to Unit Manager in charge of District Programs and Training. In 1988 he moved up to District Administrator, and since 1994, he has served as Deputy Chief of the Division.

Mr. Concha replaces Rich Wyett, who retired from the Chief position on March 2, 1998.