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NEWS FROM: Drivers License 98-111

New Look for Nevada Drivers Helps Identify Younger Drivers
Colored banners for under 18 and under 21 drivers licenses
unveiled by DMV

Beginning April 15, Nevada drivers under 18 and 21 years of age who are obtaining a new or duplicate license will have a different colored header bar across the top of the license. Drivers under 18 will have a light blue header bar across the top of their license with the words "MINOR DRIVER UNDER 18" printed in yellow in the upper right hand corner. Drivers between 18 and 20 will have a yellow header bar across the top of their license and the words, "MINOR DRIVER UNDER 21" in red print.

The new designs are only required for young drivers obtaining new or duplicate licenses beginning April 15, 1998. Drivers under 21 who received their licenses before that date will keep their old, standard license. A $6 duplicate license fee will be charged to younger drivers who would like to exchange an existing license for the new colored header bar license.

The Southland Corporation (7-Eleven) and Phillip Morris split the $12,000 cost necessary to make the change. Nevada's Attorney General, Frankie Sue Del Papa said, "The primary purpose of this change in design is to allow people involved in selling or monitoring age-restricted products and activities, such as tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or gaming to more easily identify those underage individuals. The distinctive new licenses will also help law enforcement officers easily identify juvenile drivers during an enforcement stop."

For further information about the new drivers licenses, contact Kim Evans at (702) 687-1300.