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NEWS FROM: Nevada Highway Patrol 98-116

Nineteen NHP Cadets Graduate Training

New Troopers Receive First Assignments

Graduation ceremonies on Tuesday mark the end of more than four months of training for the newest additions to the Nevada Highway Patrol's sworn staff.

Graduation ceremonies for NHP Class XL will be held at 2:00pm, Tuesday, June 2, in the Bob Boldrick Theatre of the Carson City Community Center at 851 East William Street in Carson City. Keynote speaker will be California Highway Patrol Commissioner D.O. (Spike) Helmick.

"These are some of the best trained law enforcement officers in our country," said Colonel Michael Hood. "I am proud to be their commander, and hope the communities they will soon call home will be proud to have them protecting their local roadways."

In addition to six weeks of NHP specific training, new troopers must complete a four-month course at the Nevada Law Enforcement Academy in Carson City. At the NLEA, cadets are fully trained in all aspects of law enforcement, including basic law, accident investigation, firearms training, domestic abuse training, and drug interdiction training.

The following is a list of the graduating troopers:

Trp. Dale Adams
Trp. David Cox
Trp. Tony Delaney
Trp. Silvio Diaz
Trp. Robert Gibbs
Trp. James Grayson
Trp. Jason Hodge
Trp. Graham Hunter
Trp. David Kester
Trp. Patrick McNeely
Trp. James Olschlager
Trp. Michael Osterman
Trp. Kris Satterwhite
Trp. Scott M. Simon
Trp. Sean Sprague
Trp. David Stauffacher
Trp. Michael Teeuwen
Trp. Reginald Timms
Trp. Sayoko Wilson

For more information on NHP training and recruitment,  contact Patty Davis or Cory  Pianko at 687-5300.