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Insurance Verification Refund Program to End June 30

DMV&PS reminds customers to apply for refund before June 30 deadline

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety is reminding vehicle owners that the Insurance Verification Refund Program is ending June 30, 1998.

The refund program was mandated by the 1997 Legislature after many Nevada residents complained that the DMV's Insurance Verification Program was not reaching vehicle owners before suspending resident's registrations, even though they had maintained insurance on their vehicles.

Residents eligible for a $50.00 refund must have paid a $50.00 fine for "non-response" between the dates of October 1, 1995 and July 5, 1997. Refund applicants must sign a legal document affirming that they either did not receive a notice from the DMV, or that they received it and properly returned it.

Since the inception of the program, the DMV&PS has initiated several proactive attempts to encourage individuals to apply for the insurance verification refunds:

As of June 30, 1998, 1,100 Nevada residents have applied for a refund. Of the 1,100 residents who applied, 889 have been approved and sent their $50.00, and 211 refund requests were not approved. Those refund requests not approved did not meet the criteria for "non response," or they were fined appropriately for letting their insurance lapse. If the application was deemed ineligible for a refund, the applicant was notified by mail along with an explanation for their denial.

Applications are available at any DMV&PS Field Services Office or by mail. Applicants may request a form be mailed to them by calling 687-3373 or 1-800-344-0483.

Residents with questions regarding the refund program should call 687-3373 or their local DMV&PS Field Services Office.