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NEWS FROM: Nevada Division of Investigations 98-122

Tri-Net Busts Drug Traffickers

Four month investigation leads to pre-dawn arrests

The Tri-Net Narcotics Task Force, in cooperation with the Carson City and Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, the Nevada Division of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration served three pre-dawn search warrants at residences in Carson City, based upon alleged ongoing narcotic activity. The search warrants were obtained based on information gathered during a four month investigation.

Evaristo Castanea-Saguara, 30, was arrested on trafficking methamphetamine at 1409 A Como Street. Edil Carlos Viera-Ortiz, 27, was arrested for trafficking methamphetamine at 1413 A Como Street.

Arrests at 3406 Woodside Drive #27 include: Augustin Partida-Lozano, 43, for trafficking methamphetamine, David Peralta-Lopez, 20, for possession of a controlled substance for sales, Rosalio Castanea-Herrera, 25, for possession of a controlled substance for sales and a 16 year old juvenile for possession of a controlled substance for sales.

Investigators found two firearms, US currency, marijuana, methamphetamine and additional narcotic-related evidence. Street value of the seized narcotics is $3,000.00

Tri-Net Narcotics Task Force is comprised of members of the Douglas County Sheriffs Department, Lyon County Sheriffs Department, Carson City Sheriffs Department and the Nevada Division of Investigation.

Citizens may report drug information and or activity to the Tri-Net Task Narcotics Task Force by calling 687-1658.  You do not have to give your name.