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TB Investigation Shows No Problem at DMV

Final Lab Results Show No Active Case At Any Time

The Nevada Health Division has finished its investigation into a reported case of tuberculosis at the Carson City DMV office. The results show that an employee who was diagnosed with TB actually had a similar but non-contagious infection. No DMV employees or members of the public were exposed to tuberculosis or any other organism from that individual.

The Health Division and DMV&PS Safety Officer Rich Gilbert followed standard procedure by arranging testing and a full "contact investigation" when the infected employee's physician made a diagnosis of active tuberculosis earlier this month.

The physician based his diagnosis on preliminary lab results and the patient's clinical condition. Further laboratory testing showed the employee was not infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis but rather had Mycobacterium avlum. This is a bacteria which is found in soil, milk and water. It is not transmitted from individual to individual even when there is a cough present in an individual with an active case.

No further testing of DMV employees is being considered at this time.

For further information, contact:

Rich Gilbert, DMV&PS Safety Officer 687-8286
Dr. Randall Todd, State Health Division 687-4800