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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 28, 1998
NEWS FROM: Motor Vehicles Drivers License Division 98-129

DMV Ready for New Driver's Ed Requirements

Rules of the Road for Teenagers Change Thursday

As of October 1st, most new Nevada drivers under the age of 18 will be required to complete a drivers education course and 50 hours of behind-the-wheel experience before they can obtain a Nevada drivers license.

The requirement for 30 hours of classroom instruction applies to teens in Carson City, Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Reno, Sparks and in any other city or town where the course is offered in high schools. Specifically, the law requires the instruction in any county with a population of more than 35,000 or any city or town with a population of more than 25,000. Additional cities may be added to the above list following the 2000 census.

The new law going into effect on October 1st is the result of Assembly Bill 404 which was passed by the 1997 Nevada Legislature. The Nevada Legislative Commission on Friday ruled that the classroom instruction requirement does not affect any teen who obtains an instruction (learner's) permit on or before September 30th.

All new drivers under 18 will have to obtain the 50 hours of experience, regardless of whether they are required to attend classroom instruction. Parents or legal guardians sign a form indicating the experience has been completed.

For further information on class offerings, contact your local high school or school district. The Nevada Department of Education is currently finalizing the curriculum for the classroom instruction based on a course taught in Washington state.

Several school districts in Nevada are planning to offer driver's education as a paid, extra-curricular class. The Legislature ordered the creation of a special financial assistance fund for low income students. As of September 28, insurance companies and other concerned parties have donated $16,200 to the fund, which will be administered by the Nevada Department of Education.

For More Details, contact Drivers License Division Chief Ginny Lewis at (702) 687-4084.


Driver's Education Fact Sheet

-Age 16 and has passed the DMV vision and written tests.
-Has a classroom instruction Certificate of Completion or a signed form that instruction is not available.
-Parents or guardian have signed the 50 hours experience form.
-Has passed the DMV driving skills test.

- A blood-alcohol level of .02 or greater while driving
- Any alcohol or drug conviction, including alcohol purchase
- Firearms convictions
- Graffiti convictions
- Habitual truancy

- Any of the same reasons as adult drivers
- Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance
- Vehicle Accidents without Insurance/Failure to Post Deposit
- Failure to Appear in Court or Failure to Pay Court Fines
- Points Violations