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NEWS FROM: Motor Vehicles-Bureau of Enforcement 98-130

Bureau of Enforcement to Police Registration of Garage/Repair Shops

Beginning October 12, 1998, the Department of Motor Vehicles & Public Safety will begin stepped up enforcement of the registration requirement for garages and repair shops mandated by the 1997 Nevada Legislature.

The legislation, which takes a step towards addressing the overwhelming number of consumer complaints about auto repairs, requires all motor vehicle repair businesses to complete and submit to the DMV&PS a Garage/Repair Shop Application and a $25.00 registration fee. Thereafter, the registered garage or repair shop is required to post the registration certificate and a consumer awareness sign so that it is visible to the public.

Those businesses who perform the following services on motor vehicles are required to register with the DMV & PS, Bureau of Enforcement:

The registration requirements do not apply to:

Identified businesses who do not comply with this legislation may be subject to an administrative fine up to $2500.00. For further information on this enforcement program, contact Russ Benzler of the DMV & PS, Bureau of Enforcement at 688-2440.