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DMV Launches Extensive Cross Training Effort

Technician Training and New Computers will Revolutionize Customer Service

Project Genesis, a major business re-engineering project underway at the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety, has entered an important new phase this month with the first round of employee cross-training. All 500 DMV customer service technicians in field offices statewide will be cross-trained to handle both drivers license and vehicle registration/title transactions.

This is a formal training environment in which DMV technicians attend classes and follow up with actual counter experience. As of October 5th, 16 technicians have been temporarily reassigned to staff the Reno office while Reno based technicians attend class.

These classes are only the first of many across the state through July, 1999. As DMV employees gain experience in working with new subjects, customers may experience slight delays. The Department encourages customers to renew drivers licenses and vehicle registrations by mail. Renewal notices are sent to most Nevada motorists in advance.

We also encourage the public to visit our newly-revamped Internet site. It is full of useful, specific information designed to get you in and out of DMV offices as quickly as possible. We have also posted many of the most common DMV forms on the Internet, where they can be printed and filled out in advance. The DMV Internet address is

Cross-training is scheduled to be completed by August 1, 1999, in anticipation of DMV's new computer system. DMV is replacing its antiquated Honeywell Legacy systems with a new Windows NT network.

Project Genesis is a seven-year, $34 million effort to upgrade DMV computer technology and business processes. Almost every aspect of DMV transactions, from information counters to forms, will be affected in one way or another.

Genesis will not only greatly improve DMV customer service, it will save Nevada taxpayers an estimated $173 million through the year 2015. By investing in its employees and in new technology, DMV will not need any new buildings and only a minimal number of new employees through 2015.

For More Information, Contact Genesis Team Leader Donna West at (702) 684-4568
or Carol Falk at (702) 882-6301.

Project Genesis - Fact Sheet

Timelines and Highlights

What DMV Has Already Done---1995 through 1997

Added 150 new employees, opened six new offices and remodeled two others.

Completed the Project Genesis Study, a blueprint to completely redesign DMV processes, technology and organization. Includes details of other states' successes and failures, employee and customer suggestions.

Formed Continuous Improvement Teams to address "quick fixes", many of which have already been implemented.

Currently in Progress-1998 through July, 1999

August through December, 1999

Service centers based on the complexity of the transaction will greatly reduce lines and wait times at DMV offices. For example, customers with multiple registrations or a difficult license revocation will be sent to a different area than those with a simple renewal.

2001 through 2003

Alternate Service Methods-implementation of emerging technology