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NEWS FROM: Registration Division 98-144

Misprinted Movement Permits Being Recalled

DMV regrets inconvenience to Interstate Motorists

The Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety has made a printing error on 15-day movement permits now in circulation throughout the state. The error has caused some police agencies to issue citations to innocent motorists.

Police across the United States have been notified of the mistake by teletype. The Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety is printing corrected forms and trying to contain the use of the incorrect permits as much as possible. In some instances, however, the incorrect forms will have to be used for at least the next several days. The Registration Division is drafting an explanation letter which will be issued to each customer in these cases.

15-day movement permits are given to individuals who are taking a newly-purchased vehicle out of Nevada. They are issued at DMV offices and by auto dealers and auction houses. The misprint does not affect the 10-day or 24-hour permits issued to in-state motorists.

The misprinted permits contain the correct 15-day information on the front of the form. The back of the form, however, incorrectly contains the information for the 24-hour permit. The misprinted back of the form states the permit is good only for 24 hours and the bearer must be a Nevada resident.

The incorrect forms can be identified through the revision date in the lower left corner. The incorrect forms have a revision date of 6/98. Older, correct forms which are also still in use have a revision date of 9/90.

For more information, call Registration Chief Pete English at (702) 684-4769.