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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE      November 20, 1998
NEWS FROM: Insurance Verification Program    98-148

DMV Urges Nevada Drivers to Cancel Registration on Seasonal Vehicles

Cancel Registration Before Suspending or Canceling Insurance

The Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety Insurance Verification Program is reminding Nevada residents to cancel the registration on any seasonal vehicles they plan to store for the winter.  These vehicles may include motocycles, motor homes or any registered off-road vehicles.

DMV&PS customers who cancel their registration on these vehicles will receive credit toward the re-registration of the same vehicle at a later date or the registration of another vehicle.

"We urge drivers to make sure they cancel their registration on those seasonal vehicles they do not plan to drive for the next several months," said Pete English, Chief of the Registration Division.  He added, "To avoid getting caught in our system with an uninsured vehicle, it is important to take care of the vehicle registration cancellation, especially if they have canceled or plan to cancel their insurance on those vehicles."

For further information on the Insurance Verification Program, contact Ms. Shawn Sam at (702) 684-4492