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NEWS FROM: State Fire Marshal

Restaurant Fire Ruled Arson

Pahrump Establishment to Reopen

The Nevada State Fire Marshal's office has determined that a June 1st fire at the Villa Lobos restaurant in Pahrump was intentionally set.

Deputy State Fire Marshal Tom Johnson said someone deliberately placed rags and other materials along the back wall of the building in the porch area. The suspect then poured an accelerant on the materials and set the fire.

Damage to the inside of the building at 1720 E. Calvada was minimal, but the fire destroyed the patio roof, tables, benches and an evaporative cooler. Exact damage estimates are not yet available.

The investigation is continuing. The Las Vegas Metro Police crime lab is currently examining samples from the scene to determine exactly what type of accelerant was used. There are no suspects at this time.

Villa Lobos has been closed since the fire, but it is expected to reopen as soon as today.