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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 23, 1999
NEWS FROM: Nevada Highway Patrol - Criminal History Repository: 99-102n

Criminal History Repository Unveils New Technology for Local Law Enforcement

Instant Information Network for Sex Offenders, Missing Kids

The Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety, Highway Patrol Division  is pleased to announce the delivery of TRAK (Technology to Recover Abducted Kids) to virtually every law enforcement jurisdiction in Nevada.   Nevada is the first state to deploy TRAK systems statewide. This  new technology will bring enhanced communication and photographic imaging capabilities to the Nevada Sex Offender/Crimes Against Children Registry Program located within the State's Criminal History Records Repository.  Additional uses of the TRAK System are to support law enforcement efforts in the recovery of missing children, wanted criminals and stolen/recovered property. Sixty-one TRAK Systems were purchased by the Repository utilizing $425,000 in federal grant funds from the US Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics and augmented by $114, 956 in State Repository provided funds.

TRAK  is the first and only imaging and communications system that enables any law enforcement officer to easily prepare and immediately distribute high-quality photo images of anyone-a sex offender registrant, a missing or abducted child, and endangered runaway, a violent criminal-to anyone-other police agencies, the broadcast media, schools, businesses and neighborhood groups.  Simultaneous electronic distribution of images in minutes, not the many hours or days it use to require, means law enforcement can be informed and mobilized in the first critical minutes.

Nevada Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa strongly endorses TRAK.  "We live in the age of the Internet," she says.  "TRAK will allow state law enforcement agencies throughout Nevada to better coordinate, communicate, and cooperate in their efforts to find missing or abducted children.  TRAK will also serve as an extremely useful tool in many other instances.  TRAK translates into greater protection and safety for the citizens of Nevada."

Dennis DeBacco, Program Manager for the Criminal History Records Repository, says "The TRAK System deployment comes after many months of hard work by the Repository staff.  While it is a pleasure to be able to provide support to local law enforcement in their crime fighting efforts, the Repository's primary interest in TRAK is to provide notification to local law enforcement when a Sex Offender/Crimes Against Children Registrant moves into their jurisdiction."

The TRAK-RSO technology was developed by Social Tech, a nonprofit organization in Burlingame, California.  Launched in 1996, TRAK is currently in use at more than 160 sites in California, with additional sites in Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas.  Additionally, TRAK Systems are used by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and America's Most Wanted in Washington D.C.


Note:  TRAK was announced to the public at News Conferences in Las Vegas and Reno on February 26th, 1999.