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Emergency Management Course Helps Disaster Preparations

Information Managers, Emergency Responders Learn Crisis Response

The Nevada Division of Emergency Management is inviting anyone involved in preparing a business or government agency for disaster response to attend a Principles of Emergency Management course in Las Vegas next month.

The course will be particularly helpful for managers and information specialists in private business who have had little experience in disaster preparedness. It is also open to fire officials and anyone who is responsible for emergency management in their business or agency. The course is free of charge and will be held July 19th through July 22rd at the Clark County Government Center, 500 S. Grand Central Parkway in Las Vegas.

The course examines the need for a formal emergency management system and the importance of building a response plan before disaster strikes. Participants devise specific actions they can take to improve their own emergency response capabilities as well as learn how to integrate their organization's plans with the outside world. It will also help agencies and businesses prepare their Y2K contingency plans for emergencies which may arise at the end of the year.

For registration or more information, contact Debbie Bunch at the Division of Emergency Management, (775) 687-4240.

This course has been developed and administered through the cooperative efforts of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety's Division of Emergency Management.

The Division of Emergency Management is committed to providing quality training designed to enhance and develop the professional, managerial, and technical skills of those involved in the field of emergency management.