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NEWS FROM: NHP Uniform Crime Reporting 99-139

Nevada Crime Rates Continue to Drop

State Releases 1998 Statistics

Serious crimes reported to Nevada law enforcement agencies decreased by 9.6% in 1998 and violent crimes were down 16.7%. Those are two of the highlights from Crime and Justice in Nevada, the state's official report on crime for the year 1998.

The overall crime rate for the year stood at 50.07 crimes per 1,000 population. This compares with a crime rate of 57.74 in 1997 and 57.16 in 1996. Although the actual number of serious offenses has fluctuated in recent years, the crime rate per 1,000 population continues to drop despite the rapid increase in Nevada's population.

For the first time, statistics on domestic violence have been included in the Crime and Justice in Nevada report. Although comparisons to previous years are not available, the domestic violence statistics do show the frequency and level of abuse.

Each police department and sheriff's office in Nevada will receive at least one copy of the 1998 report. Copies are available to the public at local libraries.

This is the fifth edition of Crime and Justice in Nevada, which has been published each year since Nevada joined the national Uniform Crime Reporting program in 1994. The report is published by the Nevada Highway Patrol's Records and Identification Services Bureau.

Nevada Crime Rate Percentage Comparisons

1998 vs. 1997

Serious Crimes (Violent and Property)

Overall Crime Rate Down 9.6%

Violent Crimes

Murder Down 9.8%

Forcible Rape Down 9.6%

Robbery Down 12.5%

Aggravated Assault Down 20.9%

Overall Violent Crimes Down 16.7%

Property Crimes

Motor Vehicle Theft Up 3.8%

Burglary Down 9.8%

Larceny Down 11.0%

Arson Down 8.5%

Overall Property Crimes Down 8.5%