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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 1, 1999
NEWS FROM: Office of Traffic Safety 99-147


Nevada Rider Motorcycle Safety Program
To Unveil Mobile Classroom

Self-contained, fifth wheel custom travel trailer to be used in rural areas

The Office of Traffic Safety's Nevada Motorcycle Safety Program will showcase their mobile classroom on Wednesday, September 8 from 9am-2pm at the Porsche Parts Distribution Center at 4775 Air Center Circle in Reno.

The only one of its kind in Nevada, the mobile classroom is a customized, self contained 40 foot, fifth wheel travel trailer with classroom, restrooms, air conditioning, TV/VCR, slide projector, refrigerator, microwave and pull out exterior awning. The travel trailer also provides room to transport the motorcycles used for field training.

Jim Utterback, Motorcycle Safety Administrator, comments, "We are pleased to provide the mobile classroom to our students who live in Nevada's rural areas. Many times, facilities such as restrooms and classrooms will be 3-10 miles away from the motorcycle training range and everyone would have to travel long distances to make use of them. Now, with our new mobile classroom, all the amenities will be right at the range."

The mobile classroom was funded by a portion of each Nevada motorcycle rider's registration fee. No other state funding was used to pay for this facility.

Approved by the 1991 Legislature, the Nevada Rider Motorcycle classes are offered from late April through mid October of every year. The $100.00 class fee provides motorcycles and helmets for the training, classroom and field training and, if the student passes, a completion card is provided to be presented to the DMV for waiving the motorcycle written test and drive test.

Officials available for interviews on September 8th include: Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety Director, John Drew, Office of Traffic Safety Chief Joanne Keller, Motorcycle Safety Administrator, Jim Utterback and Motorcycle Safety Advisory Board Chairman, T-Bone Loy.

For class schedule information or for further information on the mobile classroom, contact the Nevada Rider Motorcycle Safety Program at 687-4321 or 1-800-889-8779.