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NEWS FROM: Motor Vehicle Division 99-153

DMV Computer System On Line This Week

Hours shortened; Customers asked to use alternatives

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety has reached an important turning point in its seven-year effort to improve customer service for Nevadans. The new Project Genesis computer system went on line the morning of Tuesday, September 7th. This Windows-based computer system is entirely new and completely different from the 1970s-era Legacy system the DMV formerly used.

This will mean longer lines and slower service for the next several weeks. Even though all DMV technicians have been through a minimum of two training classes on the new system, service will be slow as they learn the details of it and the ins and outs of navigating through the system. The computer system may also have a few remaining bugs which will have to be discovered and fixed.

The DMV is asking the public to use mail and other alternatives to in-person office visits from now through the end of October. A list of alternative services and pointers is attached.

Customer service for Nevada motorists ultimately will be among the best anywhere. Once the DMV is past its "learning curve" this fall, Nevadans can expect much shorter lines and dramatic improvements in customer service as the application will be much quicker. Project Genesis has studied DMV successes and failures in other states and is using only the best, proven ideas from the country. Phase Three will provide exciting new features, such as renewing your registration or drivers license over the Internet, via phone or at a smog station.

Also attached is an outline of Project Genesis and its benefits to the Silver State.

DMV Offices on Galletti Way in Reno and on Flamingo, Sahara and Carey in Las Vegas will not offer extended hours this week. Office hours will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. All offices statewide and DMV Travel Teams will resume their normal schedule Saturday, September 11.

Life's Too Short to Stand in Line at the DMV!

Alternatives to DMV Office Visits

The Department is trying to make the transition to its new computer system as painless as possible for both customers and staff. We are asking customers to avoid in-person DMV visits if at all possible. Here are some tips for the motoring public:

Project Genesis is a seven-year, $34 million effort to upgrade DMV computer technology and business processes. It will not only greatly improve customer service, it will save Nevada taxpayers money as the DMV will not need any new buildings and only a minimal number of new employees through 2015.

What DMV Has Already Done - 1995 through 1998

Added 150 new employees, opened six new offices and remodeled two others.

Completed the Project Genesis Study, a blueprint to completely redesign DMV processes, technology and organization. Includes details of other states' successes and failures, employee and customer suggestions. Began design of Genesis computer system.

Formed Continuous Improvement Teams to address and implement "quick fixes". Examples include information counters in offices and technicians helping customers in line.

Installation of Q-Matic "take a number" systems at 2 Las Vegas offices. These allow customers to sit while waiting and give DMV supervisors better information for staffing windows.

Established and improved DMV Internet Site. On line Forms Room added late1998.

Currently in Progress - 1999

DMV began accepting Visa and MasterCard in early 1999.

Employee Cross-Training. Every field technician has been trained on every basic DMV transaction. Every technician has also completed at least one course on the Genesis computer system.

Final design and testing of the Genesis Windows-based computer system. Computer hardware installation was substantially completed by July 1999.

May 31, 1999 - Genesis computer system brought on line for business/occupational licensing.

July 1, 1999 - Department organizational realignment took effect.

September 7, 1999 - Computer system brought on line for nearly all DMV transactions.

Q-Matic number systems will be installed in Reno and all Las Vegas offices by the end of 1999.

The Future - 2000 through 2003

Alternate Service Methods-implementation of emerging technology

-Registration Renewals at Emission Inspection Stations and/or Auto Dealers

-Transactions via Internet

-Digital Driver License Photos

-Transactions via Phone