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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 27, 1999
NEWS FROM: Compliance Enforcement Division 99-157

Compliance Enforcement Division to Police Registration of Garage/Repair Shops

The Compliance Enforcement Division of the Department of Motor Vehicles & Public Safety will begin stepped up enforcement of the registration requirement for garages and repair shops mandated by the 1997 and 1999 Nevada Legislature. The legislation, which includes Assembly Bill 258, takes steps towards addressing the overwhelming number of consumer complaints about businesses that perform auto repair services.

The following sections explain the changes that affect the automobile repair industry, effective October 1, 1999.

Identified businesses who do not comply with this legislation may be subject to an administrative fine up to $2500.00. For further information on this enforcement program, contact Russ Benzler of the DMV & PS, Compliance Enforcement Division at 688-2440.