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DMV Offers Information on Smog Test Refunds

130 motorists may have paid for unneeded smog tests

The Department of Motor Vehicles is asking motorists who believe they have paid for an unnecessary smog test for their model year 1998, 1999 or 2000 vehicles to return to the emission station for a refund. Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 445B.586 states: "If evidence of compliance is not required for registration, the authorized station or authorized inspection station where the inspection was performed shall remit to the bearer, upon demand, the amount of the fee for the inspection." Nevada law requires smog tests only in Washoe and Clark counties on vehicles manufactured after 1967 and on new models starting with the third registration.

As of October 22, 1999, the Compliance Enforcement Division identified 130 Nevada motorists who may have had a smog test in error for their 1998, 1999 or 2000 model year vehicles. If you believe you may have had an unneeded test, please return to the emission station that completed the test and provide the technician with proof of payment. If you are not granted a refund for your 1998, 1999 or year 2000 vehicle smog test completed in Washoe or Clark counties, please contact the Reno Emission Lab at 775-688-2480 or the Las Vegas Emission Lab at 702-486-4981. A written complaint will be taken, and if the complaint is validated, action will be taken against the emission station for compliance.

A minor software problem resulted in notices on registration renewals improperly requiring some 1998 and 1999 automobiles to be smog-tested. The problem has been resolved and DMV officials recognize the error and apologize to those customers who may have been inconvenienced

For questions on smog testing, please contact the emission labs at the above listed phone numbers. Or, for other general DMV questions, phone the toll free hotline number at 1-877-DMV-STATE.