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NEWS FROM: Nevada State Fire Marshal 99-185


Nevada State Fire Marshal Offers Fire-Safe Millenium Tips

US Fire Administration Provides Valuable Information to Address Potential Y2K Temporary Service Disruptions


"Address fire safety issues before any possible service disruptions occur that may be related to the rollover to the year 2000," is the message from Nevada State Fire Marshal Marvin Carr. Reduce your chance of experiencing a fire-related fatality or injury by following these safety tips provided by the US Fire Administration:

Generator Safety

Generators are often used during power outages. When using a generator remember to:

Heating Safety

Research suggests more than one-third of home fires in the US occur during the winter months of December, January, and February. One of the reasons these months pose a magnified fire threat is due to increased use of heating sources, such as chimneys and wood stoves. Because Y2K will occur during this time of increased fire threat, it is particularly important to follow these heating safety tips:


Cooking Safety

Never Stockpile Fuel or Flammable Liquids

Smoke Alarms

"Check with the fire department in your area to see if they can provide more information about how your community is preparing for any potential Y2K problems," says Carr, who encourages families to consider purchasing approved smoke detectors and home fire extinguishers to make their home fire safe all year round.

For more information, contact the Nevada State Fire Marshal at (775) 687-4290.