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NEWS FROM: Nevada Division of Emergency Management 99-187


Emergency Management Conducts Successful Multi-Jurisdictional Y2K Exercise

Exercise participants familiarize themselves with State Emergency Operation Center


"This exercise confirmed how important our partnership with local jurisdictions will be when we rollover to the year 2000,"said Nevada Division of Emergency Management Chief Frank Siracusa after today's Y2K exercise at the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) in Carson City. "We hope that, after today, everyone has a better idea of their role on December 31st relative to providing those state resources to jurisdictions who may need our help."

Over 75 participants from Nevada local and state agencies were involved in the three hour training exercise today. Representatives from law enforcement, the Nevada National Guard, transportation, firefighting, Red Cross, health and medical and more were on hand to learn the State Emergency Response Plan and SEOC procedures. (See attached participant list.)

Three scenarios were presented to the exercise participants involving incidents such as civil disobedience, email viruses, road closures, bomb threats at local casinos and food shortages. The exercise objectives included:

Chief Siracusa summarized the exercise, "We realized we wouldn't resolve all the incidents that were presented because we purposely slowed the process down to do the training. We learned what else we need to do to assist everyone in familiarizing themselves with logistics of communication. And, we saw how impacted the engineering, medical, public works and law enforcement ESF's may be with requests." He added, "I feel that everyone benefitted from the exercise and we will definitely have a cohesive team in place on December 31st."